A better way to keep patients healthy & coming back

Save time and money by replacing phonecalls and faxes with automated and scheduled text messaging to patients and other providers

Automated Follow-up

Use automated text messaging to remind patients of the next appointment and to survey for symptoms

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Paperless Workflow

Reduce your paperwork and faxes by digitizing patient records accessible on web, Android & iOS. Works offline too!

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Appointments & Referrals

Improve clinical workflow and reduce phonecalls by sending and receiving online appointments and referrals

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Why Doctors Love Us

We've built software that doctors have always wanted

“MediRevu addresses an area of great deficiency in existing clinical practice....this is the appointment bridge that healthcare desperately needs ”


Dr Jamario Skeete, General Practitioner

“Better record keeping. Easier access to patient data. Ability to monitor patients between visits.”


Dr Ingrid Burrowes, Coverley Medical

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We offer Amazing Support

  • In-office training of staff
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