A better way to engage patients and increase repeat visits

Save time & money using online appointments, automated text messages & emails for patient follow-up, referrals and managing appointments

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Automated patient Messaging

Use text messages or emails to send patients reminders for their next appointment, billing date or pre-visit activities

Record patient records with a few clicks

Spend less time typing by using templates for sending patient referrals and reports.

Share patient notes with your team easily

Appointments, patient records and visit histories are shared with your clinical team for improved workflow

Modern Mobile Apps

Get notifications on your Android or iOS devices for any emergencies, appointments or walk-ins in your waiting room

Record patient visits with a few clicks

An easy-to-use tool for individual providers as well as clinical teams

  • Track Patient Progress

    Monitor individual patient's progress with measured vitals at each visit

  • All Your Patient Records in One Place

    Share patient records & collaborate with your clinical team

  • Encrypted, secure data storage

    With HIPAA-compliant cloud storage, all data is encrypted. You can also control your team's access to patient records

Stay connected with patients and other providers

All patient messaging, referrals and reports are sent as emails to recipients who will receive a corresponding text message notification if provided.

  • Appointment Reminders

    We send automatic reminders to patients for their next appointment. Soon you'll be able to also include any health tips or medical advice in the messages

  • Balance Payments

    Send scheduled reminders for patients who have outstanding balance to cover

  • Pre-Visit Checkups

    Want to find out how your patients are doing in-between their visits? We allow you to send them surveys for any symptoms or triggers they're experiencing

We integrate with 3rd party providers to send messages and ensure message delivery across various carrier networks

We offer online support & integrations with your existing health records

We ensure that MediRevu is very easy to adopt for your team by providing integrations, 24/7 online support and on-premises support

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Our software is supporting healthcare innovation in the Caribbean

CARPHA Treatment Guidelines

We were contracted by the Caribbean Public Health Alliance to develop and maintain their promotion of hypertension & diabetes guidelines to Caribbean physicians. This project incorporated the hypertension treatment protocol developed by specialists under the Global Standardized Hypertension Treatment Protocol led by Dr Kenneth Connell

Population Health Assessment

We are working closely with the Diabetes Associations to empower their health outreach programs so they can digitally record health checks and alert those tested whose vitals indicate a health concern that they may not be properly managing.

  • Dr Colin Alert

    "If a patient is found to be 'off-track', they cound be contacted to make a change immediately, rather than waiting for their next scheduled clinic visit."

    Dr Colin Alert, The Wellness Clinic

  • Dr Ingrid Burrowes

    "Better record keeping. Easier access to patient data. Ability to monitor patients between visits."

    Dr Ingrid Burrowes, Surgical Solutions

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